aroTarget Transport Solution

Maximise asset utilisation, profit margin and return on capital

Use aroTarget Assets First to:

  • Figure out the weekly utilisation and efficiency of every asset and contract

  • Understand weekly revenue, direct costs and profit margin of every asset, contract and profit centre

  • Compare weekly performance across assets, contracts and profit centres

  • Know the return on capital for each asset and profit centre

Eliminate guesswork

Take away the frustration of using spreadsheets and out-of-date data. Automated processes maintain up-to-date asset and loan data, enabling you to improve capital forecasting and improve the way you manage asset performance.

Integrate asset activity, revenue and costs

Automatic integration of data from multiple systems including kilometres, engine hours, jobs, wages, fuel usage and maintenance costs. AroTarget provides accurate visibility, tracking and comparing asset activity, costs per kilometre, asset utilisation and profitability.

Asset market value and return on capital

Tracking the market value of each asset and forecasting monthly depreciation and book value of each asset many years ahead, AroTarget improves decision making by tracking and comparing asset return on capital.

Track loans and cash flow

Capturing the details of each loan and forecasting monthly loan balances, interest, repayments and loan payouts many years ahead, AroTarget predicts how all loans will impact your cashflow each month for the next two years.

Negotiate better with Financiers

Identifying which assets are securing each loan, calculating the asset backing of each loan and the net equity of each asset, AroTarget enables you to identify opportunities to reduce risk and improve cash flow by optimising early loan payouts and restructuring debt.

Improve capital allocation decisions

Using AroTarget to test the impact on your profit, cash flow and return on capital of selling or buying assets, leads to better capital allocation decisions, resulting in better equipment utilisation, profit, and return on capital.

Negotiate better contracts

Tracking and comparing contracts, measuring asset utilisation, profitability and return on capital by contract on a weekly or monthly basis, enabling better contract pricing decisions, going after the right contracts at the right price, increasing profitability and cash flow resilience.

Improve profit centre performance

Grouping assets and contracts into profit centres, guiding your business to optimise growth by measuring and comparing asset utilisation, profitability and return on capital by profit centre on a weekly or monthly basis

Easy Integration with your current software solutions......

Once using aroTarget you can....

Maximise asset utilisation, profit margin and return on capital. Eliminate data fragmentation and operational complexities, empowering you to make more profitable decisions and increase business resilience.

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